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Swap instead of Shop

How does it work?

1. Fill in our Swap it like it's Hot form below.

2. If your item meets our standards, we will send you an offer for your clothes (60% - 45% of the average price of your item's same brand and style).

3. If you accept our offer we will send you a gift card with the amount for your clothes. Example: You send an A+ quality Sandro summer dress that costs 250 CHF on the Sandro store website. We will give you a gift card worth 150 CHF. We will do the work and find your item online to discover the prices.

Please note: There is a 20% commission fee from the total amount given to you on the gift card. Example: You receive 150 CHF in a gift card for your items from Onwear. The commission fee you will pay Onwear is 30 CHF.

4. Time to pay for your fashion, with fashion. Choose your next pre-loved piece and pay with your gift card. 

Our Rules + Quality Standards

  • Clothing items must be freshly washed
  • No sign of wear or tear. This includes no rips, stains, odors, missing buttons, etc.
  • Ask yourself a question: Would YOU like to swap with this item yourself
  • Check your items in the daylight
  • Pack your items with care
  • We reserve the right to reject any item we do not see fit for